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All the fun and games under the greenwood trees have a pagan vitality imparted by a cast who approach their task with enthusiasm and comic flair. Foremost among these is Scott Worsfold who takes on the role of Touchstone the fool and of Orlandos ludicrously faithful (and consumptive) servant- this guy is a natural comedian and steals the show.
As you like it. Anthony Henry
Scott Worsfold’s performance of Lieutenant Gruber, who has the hots for Rene, is outstanding and the reason for a number of whoops of laughter, especially when a talking stuffed parrot causes confusion for Gruber and embarrassment for Rene as he tries to decline the German’s advances without offending him.
Allo Allo. Steve Crabtree, ON Magazine
..but the glue for this story was really mine host at the garter inn played by Scott worsfold. Indeed, his comic asides would probably have been recognisable to a certain Tudor playwright and his travelling players. And there is no greater praise than that.
Merry wives of Windsor, John Phillpott
Joe Standerline and Scott Worsfold were simply superb as Kelly and Tulisa, two thoroughly modern maidens who gave attitude to Cher Lloyds Swagger Jagger, and made some mighty mean moves too. Their Big Brother diary room sketch was brilliant, timed to a tee and laugh out loud funny.
Cinderella, Liverpool echo
...a very high standard, In particular the performance of Scott Worsfold as Touchstone the jester who gave a very funny performance which skated a thin line between lewd and vulgar.
As you like it, Evening Telegraph
Comic joy throughout. This Sleeping Beauty has to be the finest panto from PMA Productions so far. Scott Worsfold is playing Dame for the first time and that is difficult to believe. He employs the entire armoury of the classic Dame and then some.
Sleeping Beauty, The Stage
The strongest performance of the evening was Scott worsfold as George page and host of the garter inn.
As you like it, Lorraine Hare
The interaction with the audience was excellent, particularly by Scott worsfold, who worked well with just the simple set and some brilliant acting.
Hillary Ross
Scott worsfold, who also plays Uncle Henry, is king.
Thw Wizard of Oz, Marjorie Bates Murphy
The star of the show on paper was the Citv presenter and while she did a faultless performance, it was the new character fleshcreep who stole the show. Scott Worsfold really brought out the essence of the character-a totally evil man.
Jack and the beanstalk, Bridget Ballance
" I would just like to compliment and applaud the presenter Scott worsfold, who was covering the cross patch sewing shows. It was a pleasure to watch as he didn't interrupt, and let the demonstrator Julia get on with the demonstrations, and gave the item details appropriately. I am sure I am not alone in this view. People will buy if they can see what the products are and how to use them"
Viewer of shopping television programme on social media


Scott is fabulous to work with and brings that blend of actor-facilitator to each training event with confidence, preparedness and a great zing of personal energy that clients love. His work on our innovative project to support and extend opportunities for women in the construction industry has been delivered with a blend of sensitivity, challenge and attention to detail. Scott is always ‘pitch-perfect’ in his delivery; equally at home in front of clients from the tools to the boardroom, Scott makes great connections that ensure that any training he delivers or designs, really hits the spot.
Lynda Casserly, Director, Peas Above Sticks
Scott Worsfold
When my company was approached to present the award for the Best Improver at The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies award ceremony, I approached Scott to help me with the delivery of my presentation speech. It was the largest public speaking event I had been invited to present at and was a huge honour. I chose Scott to assist with this based on his years of experience presenting on television and his numerous roles in theatre productions. His infectious personality, ability to relax people and instil confidence helped me deliver a speech I was proud of and get the reaction from the crowd I desired. Scott's varied skill-set is such that I have been able to utilise him since for some of the project work we deliver for our clients and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for anyone seeking an exceptional partner to engage, who is passionate, principled and diligent.
Richard Cronin, Chief Executive, Balcroft
"Scott's approach was simply excellent. Being an accomplished public speaker, Scott delivered to over 40 senior managers per day with confidence. He kept the session moving at pace, but allowed time for reflection and debate, and for people to identify hard personal outcomes. Insightful comments and stories challenged standard thinking, without making people feel threatened, and every contribution was welcomed. In all, the experience he gave was positive, inclusive, challenging and rewarding for all those participating.
Chris Simes, MD Collingwood learning
The preparation and research carried out by Scott was second to none. His level of preparation and commitment gave us the confidence that Scott had the detailed information about our business, principles & operations that would allow him to represent the Switched on to Safety program to our staff and for it not to be viewed as a generic product delivered by a generic presenter. The program was delivered twice daily for a number of months with a high level of Consistency and quality each time. Scott always raised the energy in the room and delivered in a manner that created the right atmosphere for real engagement and Interaction. Scott demonstrated his excellent personal questioning skills which effortlessly steered the delegates to the required conclusion. Occasionally during events challenging situations and questions would be encountered again Scott managed to address any of these challenges and control the sessions so that they remained on track but crucially left everyone feeling valued and their opinions and beliefs understood and possibly challenged or even changed. Crucially Scott communicated to all of our staff ranging from field operatives to senior management with ease and clarity. Health and safety training can be such a dry boring subject but when delivered in a passionate, knowledgeable, humorous, manner it becomes an engaging thought provoking experience for all, this is supported by feedback received from the delegates.
John Perry. Operational Safety Adviser Western Power Distribution
"He has project managed a multi million pound nationwide programme for me. Our client, their customers and our subcontractors all loved his approach which meant any issues quickly got resolved and the programme was a major success. As a workshop facilitator Scott has the gift to communicate effectively with even the most reluctant delegates to engage them in the learning. As a conference presenter there is no one better at entertaining your audience whilst at the same time attending to achieving the objectives of the event. Would I recommend him? Without a doubt, so long as he is still available when we need his talents.”
Dave Bradley, director, Paradigmantics
"Scott is a gifted Facilitator working with a number of our key corporate clients.With a highly professional yet personal approach he has a fundamental understanding of how to engage effectively with delegates. His ability to generate rapport and build trust is second to none.\"
Mike Ingham Creative Manager, PIE
Scott is an expert facilitator, I had the great pleasure of working with Scott over a 3 week period in which he delivered our new Behavioral safety Training program to over 600 operatives and 19 separate venues. The course he led was brilliant, enjoyable and was delivered in a very professional manner, Scott was excellent in his delivery of the material and content, a good knowledge of the subject kept the sessions lively and interesting. I would personally recommend Scott to any company that has a real challenge in improving their safety culture. Scott was always friendly, approachable and likable in his approach to all who attended the courses.
Attila Balla Senior Health and safety advisor Alun Griffiths Construction.
Scott Worsfold was our facilitator during our staff engagement activity that was attended by over 2000 staff over 13 events, that demonstrated the importance of patient safety and the impact of human behaviours on team work and the patient experience. Scott facilitated questions and conversations between individuals in the audience and made every session feel fresh, even for those of us who watched the scenario all 13 times! He was very lively, friendly, approachable and likeable, this in turn created an audience that were eager to be engaged. I would have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his facilitating talents.
Jennie Jones, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager.Luton and Dunstable University Hospital
Scott has left a legacy of work that has literally changed the lives of thousands of people. Scott has boundless energy, a real passion for everything he does and a drive to excel. Scott is a truly inspirational person. He\'s witty, engaging, interested in those around him, loyal, supportive and yet surprisingly humble - he\'s one of those enthusiasts who attracts people - they want to listen to him and want to follow his example. For this reason Scott is an exceptionally gifted facilitator. He\'s very smart and intuitive, but never showy with it, his self-deprecating style is extremely engaging.
Mark Greenop Associates, Director
"Scott is a brilliant trainer, good genuine man. Learnt a lot from this course"..... "The course was brilliant! . Scott was excellent at delivering this which made it enjoyable and engaging."..... "Scott was knowledgeable and kept the session lively and interesting" ..... "The most well delivered and thought proving training sessions I have ever been on. Both the trainer and the course really has made me think about some very difficult issues that I had never really considered before. Excellent"..... "Scott has a good way of making a course interesting and he is open to people's opinions."..... Scott ran a very interesting session, I have been on several Equality and Diversity sessions over the years, this session gave me a fresh insight.".....
Various, Peabody Equality and Diversity Training Event
"Scott is a cheerful, organised and responsible artist who has been a pleasure to work with every time. He is a perfect \'guy next door\', with an expressive and varied delivery. He is an accurate and efficient reader, punctual and professional and responds well to direction. He is much liked by my clients.\"
Tom Chester,blank tape studios
I worked with Scott for 7 years at GemsTV. He was always very easy to work with and professional in his conduct. He is able to make work fun, but also get the message and information across to the viewer in an easy to understand way. He is a very likeable and creative person and also an incredibly hard worker, ensuring that he gets the best from the crew he works with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him to any company needing his skillset
Alex Sharpe, Art Directing And Photography
Scott is trustworthy and loyal. His communication and people skills are excellent and he is always keen to rise to a challenge. Scott has a fantastic work ethic and always goes about his work with great diligence. I can highly recommend Scott to any organisation that requires professional, smart people who instantly affect a positive outcome.
Mark Allen, Behavioral and Culture Specialist
I have worked with Scott on many occasions, and have always found him to be creatively brilliant, dependable, trustworthy, hard working and a joy to work with. When working with Scott, I am always assured that I have one of the best actor/ facilitators in the business, and that whatever the eventuality, he will be intuitive, appropriate and fun in all that he does. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
David Hill, Wellbeing Advisor
Scott has the unique ability to be fun and humorous, whilst maintaining complete professionalism. He is one of the most well liked members of any team, willing to go out on a limb to achieve results, but always with a mind to the greater good. Scott applies himself and delivers in everything he does. In on-air presentations he works to create informative and entertaining broadcasts. This is achieved by a combination of hard work, thorough immersion in his subject and a great connection with his TV crew.
Emma Boydell, Radio and TV Presenter
He is positive, outgoing and has an optimistic nature making him an excellent motivator of people and also a valuable member of any team. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott
Theo Van Dort, Gems TV