Leadership Training

11 March 2018

Scott in Role in leadership training

Thank you to all the leaders at Skipton Building Society who I gave been working with recently.

This week I Finished delivering a series of bespoke role play situations for leaders at a leading UK building society. Working with senior leaders and branch managers at Skipton head quarters, the day long sessions focused on all aspects of having difficult conversations, coaching and body language.

The reactions were fantastic. Although the people I worked with already have a great understanding of the communication skills they employ every day, some situations can still arise that leave us feeling unprepared for them. The work we carried out brought real positive results for those involved. Working in small open and trusted groups, where honesty of feedback was vital. Feedback was shared and learning was obvious to see.

Once again these sessions prove to me the importance of professional role playing. There is a big difference in knowing what you should do in certain situations from reading about it in a book or training manual, and actually being skilled and experienced in doing it for themselves.

Global Training

26 February 2018

Customer service role play

This year I was cast in another training video for a large global brand.

Customer service is crucial to any business of course and there are many ways of training staff. E learning is great at sending the correct messages to such large staff numbers and so I, with a cast of 8 others were scripted to represent customers for filming with Jaguar Land Rover and their global sales training.

Filming was at the Camberwell studios and directed by David Pollock for Amatis Films Ltd.

The shoot with green screen was great and worked with a fantastic crew and cast of actors and a big thank you to all involved.

Short Film

24 February 2018

The Wacky Way Home

Last year I was asked to perform in a short play for a production with Grimm and Co that was written by their students and directed by Paul Clayton, and it was not only a real honour to work with this amazing company but a real pleasure also.

This year I was asked to be involved with them again, this time adding voice to a character called Gear for a short film, again written by the students. The wacky way home is a film where Lucifer, a giant swamp leaf, thinks his prayers have been answered when he meets Gear, a robot, outside a toy shop in Rotherham. Lucifer needs to get back to his swamp and Gear can help him – if they can find a new 3G chip. But someone else has other plans for Gear… It was all recorded and Produced by Seventy1 Digital and the brilliant animation by David Ainley who it was a real pleasure to work with on this project. A great night was had by all at the premiere where all the writers got all the dredit they all deserved.

Grimm and Co are a fantastic organisation and so good for people that have a talent for story writing and I am so delighted to be able to support them in whatever they do.

If you would like to see the finished product, he link for the film is

Facilitating event on Wellbeing

19 January 2018

Scott Facilitating forum theatre

Last week saw me deliver five, one day long events for Marshalls plc. I delivered sessions geared around behavioural Health, Safety & Wellbeing k for their Leaders and staff in the Minerals division.
Again, it was great to work alongside the actors from Juice learning.

Alice In Woderland 2017

6 January 2018

Scott as Lewis Carroll

A journey down the pantomime rabbit hole….

It always makes for an easier life when performing with a cast when everyone wants the same outcome, a brilliant show. And that is exactly what happened again this year with the cast of Alice In Wonderland and PMA productions. The show was reliant on five actors, and two of them stayed as the same character; Alice and White Rabbit. That left fifteen other parts to be played by the remaining three of us. I have never had so many quick changes in one show before! The resulf was however The most fast paced pantomime I have been involved with and was not just great fun but also a great way of shedding a few pounds!…lol

Pantomime is a brilliant way to spend time working over the Christmas period. The team were fantastic to work with and the audiences were amazing, so a massive thank you to both.

Next year there is someting special on the cards, but I will let you know all about that once more plans have been agreed.

watch this space……..

Mini School Tour

10 November 2017

On set with the Quickfoot media team

Just wanted to say what a great week I had touring the Togo and Nogo road safety show with the team from quickfoot media. It has been a very long time since I have done a show aimed at children apart from Pantomime (oh no it hasn’t – oh yes it really has!!! ) but What a lovely time and what great people we met and plenty of good laughs also. I have written an article about why TIE is important to do at some point in every actors early career that can be view on my linkedIn page.

Trick Or Treat?

31 October 2017

Spooky Fun With The Cast Of Rusticus

It was fantastic to be asked back to perform with the brilliant company Rusticus this halloween for their spooky adventure.
Having already worked for the first time with Jon and Bex earlier this year (creators of Rusticus) I was delighted to be asked back again to join in and create a spooky adventure specifically for little people. The aim was fun and not to scare the living daylights out of children. It was a great event and was received so well by everyone who attended this event at Sledmere house.
I got to play Scary the scarecrow, who happens to be scared by anything that moves – or even doesn’t move.
The lovely point about working with Rusticus is they always look for imagination and creativity from their actors they use,to create drama and intrigue for all ages to watch, and so yet again was a real treat to play with other actors who just want to create something magical for any audience.

Thank you again to all the team, and I hope to be back working with them in 2018.

Film Premiere

18 October 2017

On the red carpet with producer of Last Laugh John Danbury

I was delighted to be invited to the world premiere of the latest John Gober film Last Laugh last night and What a fantastic film it is with some excellent performances in it.
Filmed in just 24 days and a budget under £35000, this is a remarkable achievement for all involved, especially when you think the budget for one episode of a soap opera is over five times that amount.

Filmed on location in Hull, This film follows the story of a young man going through some hard times with his family and discovers the best way to get it off of his chest is talk about it via a stand up routine at an open mic night. A brilliant concept that we visit throughout the film as it narrates the story before us.
John Gober ,writer of great theatre classics like up ‘n under, on the piste and bouncers has not only written another classic script, but delivers a truly amazing, simple but very watchable on screen performance.

The film has been produced by visulize films, a new production company set up by John Danbury (pictured with me above) and Daniel coll. This is their first feature film but have more in the pipeline as well as a documentary style tv show called “Are we there yet” that was filmed in 2016.

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