Volunteering In Hull

4 February 2019

The Enact Facilitation Team

I’ve had an amazing weekend.
Despite a snowy start, 8 teams of actors and facilitators delivered 32 drama-based experiential workshops to 600+ delegates.
It’s been a privilege working with such incredible people! I facilitated a workshop dealing with difficult conversations and challenging situations. With the use of hot seating and forum theatre, we created a great friendly and safe environment and achieved some really fantastic results.
For me,the great thing about working with people who all have had has such experiences, and all handled them in very different ways, means there is plenty to draw from and share with each other. Amazing what can happen when you create an environment that allows people time to chat and learn from real experiences. After all, everyone we will ever meet, knows something we don’t. There is an old saying that suggests that knowledge is power. Well, I believe Knowledge is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. And believe me, there was lots of sharing at this event. Big thank you to all the Enact Solutions team, who I was working for, and lovely to meet such truly inspirational individuals across the whole event.

Directing Project Summer 2019

25 January 2019

Gangster Granny On Tour With Heartbreak Productions

So I am really excited to share the news I have had to keep quiet until now…….
I am going to be directing a national tour of David Walliams hit children’s book “Gangster Granny”.

Heartbreak productions are the only outdoor production company that have been given the rights to produce any of his work, and so to be asked to direct this show is a real honour! We begin the casting process now and rehearsals begin in April.

I will keep you all posted, and hope we tour to a venue near you soon, so you can come along and see the show.

Are We Going Home

18 January 2019

Dementia Awareness Short Film

So, my first filming project of the new year is now complete. Big thank you to the team from Leeds Arts University. Lovely people to work with on such a sensitive subject. It was a short film called “Dementia”. We filmed in a care home, and could see first hand the challenges that this illness brings to those that suffer with it. The residents at the home were fascinated by our crew, the lights and cameras and wanted to be with us while we filmed. They were all amazing and lovely people, and it was genuinely lovely to spend time with those we met. I was playing a character named Charles, a father with Dementia, who is visited by his daughter. I am looking forward to seeing the final edit of course, but I have to say the whole experience of filming on this project, is one that will stay with me for a long time. It is a cruel disease that affects many people. The person themselves and those that are close to them. All that is very sad to see. What I must say, is that the carers at this home who are looking after the residents were all amazing. So kind and with such patience and sensitivity, it was so uplifting to see genuine care being shown. It was a positive feeling to take away from what could have been very different. Once completed, the short film is going to be shown on the care home website to show the affects of the disease and how it affects family members.

film link

Dame Again?

6 December 2018

Dame Trott in promotional Video

Here we go, this year playing Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk. This year, I have co-produced the production as well as appearing in it at the two venues our show will be at. We look forward to a great season with some wonderful actors that we have cast for our already sold out shows.

The Full Monty

30 April 2018

Harold singing

So that was it. one of the best productions I have been involved with in a thong has come to an end. Diva productions have been a real pleasure to work with. An amazing talented cast, crew and band have produced one of the biggest successes in the minimum of clothes. A massive thank you to everyone involved.

Bespoke role play for leading organisation

11 April 2018

leaders from Nestle

Just finished working on more role play work with a huge company in the north, Nestle. Had some great sessions with leaders of the company on how to manage difficult conversations.
Love these bespoke roles, you never know what sort of character you will be given, but more than that, to see how people opposite you really do believe you are that person and the problems that can come from that.
looking forward to working with this company again and thank you to RPFT for the booking.

Making Every Contact Count

26 March 2018

Presenting to 300 NHS experts

This Month I was asked to deliver three presentations to over 300 NHS experts on the subject of making every contact count.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) is about encouraging and helping people to make healthier choices to achieve positive long-term behaviour change. To do this organisations need to build a culture and operating environment that supports continuous health improvement through the contacts it has with individuals. Doing this will improve health and wellbeing amongst service users, staff and the general public and reduce health inequalities, not to mention the potential financial saving to the trusts.

I delivered the sessions with the actors from the brilliant Collingwood learning team to recreate realistic situations where MECC could be implemented and the benefits that could come from that and some of the consequences when it isn’t. The response was fantastic with lots of positive feedback from the audience during the event and afterwards.

Live TV presenting

22 March 2018

Scott Back in the price drop studio

A very Big thank you to all the directors, producers, technicians and studio floor managers and of course all the guests I had the pleasure of working with this weekend @hochanda_tv

Always a pleasure to present for you. Look forward to more #Livebroadcasting with you again soon.

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